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Harness Zorbing for Two Price £ 69

Harness Zorbing for Two  

Harness Zorbing for Two -From a park in West Sussex, get involved in a high adrenaline activity from down under which has been around for around a decade. People flock in big numbers for their chance to put hearts in mouths and butterflies in stomachs, while rolling along at speeds of up to 30 mph. Climb into the giant ball or sphere and watch the other participant getting strapped in the other side. Once secured at the hips, shoulders and feet (and of course, any safety advice has been issued), the ball is given a little push to help it begin its descent. Laugh, cry, scream or just feel dizzy but one thing is sure, it'll feel like a hell of an exciting way to spend a minute.

Harness Zorbing for Two - Price £ 69

Merchant: Red Letter Days

Extreme - Harness Zorbing for Two

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